Monday, April 29, 2013

Today's News is....


My SR called this afternoon, and my pre con meeting is scheduled for Friday - this Friday!! I'm beyond stoked. I've been in waiting purgatory so long, waiting until Friday should be a breeze. A big THANK YOU to all the e-family for making sure I feel prepared for this meeting. Such a great wealth of information, and I'm appreciative. So glad to see some action. Hold fast, all my 'waiters'....your turn is a'coming!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I've got nothing

Haven't posted in a while, well, because my title says it all. I've got nothing. I mean, it's all expected, as there really shouldn't be anything going on for me right now, but.....doesn't necessarily mean I like it. Lol.

When I picked my mini up from school today, she asked, "Have they started anything on the house?" I figured I could show her better than I could tell her. And it gave us a good reason to go stalk. Plus it's a pretty nice day in the DMV. This all equaled up to a trip to the big ole pile of dirt. :-)

I hadn't really taken any pictures of the entire empty lot - only the picture of the "Sold" sign. So I did do that today. Won't post them all...just one. Originally I'd requested a small lot - I'm not big on maintaining a lot of yard. But as we hung out at the lot today, I'm starting to think it's not as small as I thought. The picture is taken from the corner of my lot and baby girl is standing in the driveway and the grey SUV in the distance is at the end of the lot. The house next to my lot will be behind me. (And they have Autumn Beige siding, and it's quite pink - for all those keeping score).

I truly enjoy reading everyone's Happy Building to all those building, Congrats to all the new home owners, and for all the 'waiters'....I feel your pain.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And We're.......Waiting!

Why oh why is waiting so hard to do? A wise person once told me "you learn to be patient by being patient".

Ugghhhh! I should get an A+++ in patience after this home building journey.

Who out there is like me...just a BIG stalker....
stalking a big pile of dirt (that isn't changing)
stalking county permit sites
stalking the SR for a pre-con meeting date
stalking the PM like 'dig, man, DIIIIIGGGGGG'
stalking the calendar, wondering why days are moving slowly
stalking RH blogs, and wishing for your time to start

stalking....Stalking....STALKING!!!  my new way of life


Yes, I know in the end it will all be worth it. (Can't wait! Lol!)

Now returning to my regularly scheduled lesson in patience.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shopping (and waiting....and waiting....and waiting.....)

Although waiting fits into my budget way more than is just so much more fun!!  Mostly I'll be moving in with the furniture that I already own, but I really wanted to pick up a sectional sofa for the family room. So I figured I'd take advantage of the waiting, and utilize this wonderful thing called 'lay-a-way'. I've got plenty of time to get this sofa paid for before August (which seems an eternity away).

Here's the sofa I'm leaning towards - got a chance to try it out, and it's quite comfy.

Minus all the pretty stuff around it, of course. Even though....I'm wondering if I can manage to snag some tables......and an area rug.....Dear God, where does it end????

And of course there are the window coverings. I'm thinking of using Home Depot (or Lowes...I forget which) that has the service where they will come hang blinds for $118.00. As much as I admire all the DIY'ers out there, I'm well aware of my limitations. And tools is one of them. :)

As much as I'd love to have pretty curtains for ALL my windows, I know it can't and won't happen. Just. Not. Possible.  But, if I play my budget right, I may be able to squeeze in the family room, since I'm getting the new sectional and all, right?

Here's where I'm or green???  I think I'm leaning towards blue.