Thursday, June 27, 2013


The crew was quite busy today! Looks like 90% of the drywall is hung, so next week will be the mud/tape process. PM said the entire drywall process should take between 7 and 8 days. I spotted my siding sitting in the yard, so I'm hoping next week I'll get to see how the siding looks with the brick. Also, my missing window is no longer missing. It's been installed, and I must say, I'm MUCH happier with my master bedroom now.

standing at front door
family room

basement - finished side

master bed - new window on the left :)

morning room

morning room

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Abundantly BLESSED

Though this process is not always fun, nor is it always easy, I constantly remember how abundantly blessed I am to have an opportunity to build a home for my family. There are people who may never get to have such an experience. Like many bloggers before me, I wanted to write prayers on my framing. With the suddenness of my pre-dry wall meeting, I had to get moving if this was going to get done. So I grabbed my baby girl and my sharpie and went to work. 


Bless my home!!! In Jesus Name. :)

Quick Window Update

'Nuff said.

Pre Dry Wall + Rate Lock

Just back from my pre-dry wall meeting, and overall, I guess it was a good meeting. Shout out to my good freind Joon Lee for accompanying me!!

Since I've been going to the house pretty regularly, there weren't really any missing window is STILL MISSING. And what's really most lame is that the PM didn't know a window was supposed to go there. Yet, this is what the house looked like for the loooongest time:

Sorry for poor quality - but this is the spot of the missing window!

When I initially noticed this, I checked with my SR (and not the PM), mainly because I wanted to confirm that I was actually supposed to get the window. SR confirmed that I was. She stated that the window does not come cut from the factory and is cut on site. She went on to say that they get this question about the missing window all the time. So if my SR is aware of this, what would make me think that my PM is not??? His exact words today were "Nobody told me!!!". Oh, and he threw in a chastisement of *me* for not calling him. I stressed that the window is important to me, and asked him if it was going to get done. He says that since they are supposed to start dry wall tomorrow, it will be "a  scramble". Oh well. Scramble on, I say. I want my window. My SR was not in today, so I didn't get to speak with her, but I plan to.

My other point of not being happy involved the location of the washer/dryer hookup. As much as my PM swears its according to the blueprint, it's not. He did say that since the hook up is located in an unfinished portion of the basement, it would not be hard to move it over. Yeah, it needs to be moved over.

In other news....I did lock my rate today with NVR. I quickly looked around at outside lenders and made a few calls and inquires. But when I consider the fact that rates aren't that much better elsewhere, and the incentives I did get for going with NVR, and the fact that I have little time to manage starting the loan process all over again....I just decided to go with NVR. And I gave myself this perspective - even with the higher interest rate, my principal and interest payment is LESS that what I'm currently paying in rent. Maybe this just means that my rent is outrageous. :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Maybe it's just me.....

But I swear the strangest thing just happed. At least I think it strange. Let me share...

So like most people in the free world going through this process, I'm concerend about interest rates. Yes, there's nothing we can do about it. But for me, it's getting to be about the time I can lock in, before the picture (possibly) becomes more bleak. This is one thing that prompts me to reach out to my PM.

Allow me to throw in that I have NOT had any contact with my PM since my pre-constrution meeting. Except once. And that was because I popped by my lot early in the day once, and I caught him riding by. But he has not reached out to me for any updates, nor I have pinged him. Up until now, I had been comfortable with everything going on, thanks to the blogs and my research. And I'm an 'every other day' stalker. :)

Anywho, I'm reaching out my PM just to make sure we are on the same schedule he outlined in the pre-con meeting. At that time, he said he'd be done wtih the house by August 12th. So I shot him an email on Friday afternoon. Didn't get a response. Then, Monday around lunchtime, I gave him a call and left a message. So today he calls me back.

He states that things are moving along, and he plans to have my final walkthrough on August 9th, which would give me a closing date around the 14th.  And then he says, "Did you want to walk through the house before we hang the drywall?".  SAY WHAT?!!?? Ummm, aren't we *supposed* to have a pre-drywall meeting? I clearly remember in the pre-con meeting, him telling me we would have a pre-drywall meeting. I realize the blogs aren't 'the gospel', but I've read like 16 trillion of them, and EVERYBODY has a pre-drywall meeting. So I answer him by saying, "Um, well, yeah". He goes, "Oh, well I probably should have called you last week and set up something....can you come by tomorrow?". Apparenlty the drywall is being stocked in the house TODAY and they were going to start hanging tomorrow. I surmise no one was gonna tell me. Sigh.

I suppose everyone reaches a point where their excitment level is nil. Well today, that is me. Between my spur-of-the-freakin-moment pre-drywall meeting, and crappy-as-heck interest rates.....I'm done.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Electrical, Guardian, and the Hot Water Heater?

Took a journey over to the new digs, and see more progress has been made. Looks like the electricians have put in a good amount of work; all the lights and switches are done. Also, I see that Guardian has been in, and completed their work. I didn't really get much from Guardian - just some cable outlets and a flat panel pre-wire. All looking good. It just seems to me that a pre-drywall meeting should be scheduled, but maybe it's just my lack of patience. I *could* reach out to my PM, but I'm trying to just enjoy the process and let things occur as they should.

I have two concerns, both probably minor. First is my missing window. There is an extra window in the garage, and I'm sure they'll get to it, but I'm antsy about it, and want it done!  The second is the placement of the hot water heater. It appears to be toooooo close to where the washer and dryer have to go....what do you guys think?

Is there really enough space for my washer and dryer??

I have a fairly large washer and dryer, and I don't want the space to be tight. I wanted to pop into the model to see how it looked (I'm fortunate to be building the model!), but they'd already closed shop for the evening. I'll surly be back over there tomorrow to check that out and maybe take a pic for comparison purposes.

A few other pics....things are coming along and I'm overall a very happy camper.

All bricked up!
Kitchen wall for stove and microwave
Kitchen Lights!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bricks in Action

Happy Father's Day!!!

Took a journey over to the house on Saturday afternoon, wondering if there would be any changes to see. And lo and behold...we caught the mason's in action!! I absolutely LOVE my brick! :)

Work is also going on inside...the plumbers look like they are close to finishing up. The tubs and piping are all in. Also, the duct work looks completed. I had a mini freak out, thinking a window in the master bedroom was missing. And anyone reading here knows I have a small obsession with windows!! :)  I asked my SR about it, and seems that this one particular window is not pre-cut in the frame, and is cut on site. So my window is coming. YaY! Yet another window treatment to fret about.

Closer look at the brick - it's LA CAVA for anyone looking at selections

Quite a bit accomplished...a bit more to go!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Next Up.....

Bricks!!  I'm pretty excited to see these. Always good to see those choice we  made with itty bitty samples come to life.

Not much has changed on the inside...I saw the insulation strewn about in the various rooms, so I can only assume a pre-drywall meeting is in my near future.

The roof looks all done, and the house is now all wrapped up.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

On The Inside

I really had not planned to visit the house for a few rained SOOO much here on Friday that I just knew the entire structure would be swimming in water. And I also knew that this would stress me out to no end. So my solution - just don't go until it's a bit 'less wet' and see where we stand. Weeelllllll, that didn't work. LOL.  Despite a rainy forecast for today, it turned out to be quite lovely this afternoon. And really.....we were in the neighborhood. So that led to a visit. And being extra careful, the decision was made to venture inside. All I can say is....what an amazing feeling!!! Today was the first time we actually walked through the house. Me and baby girl, hand in hand, crossed the threshold together. So very awesome. Just makes me that much more ready to move.

Here are a few pics....and I use the word 'few' lightly, because, well, it'a a LOT of pics. But considering I probably took 100, these are just a few. :)  And there was some water, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Dining Room

From dining room, the front door and step to upstairs
Powder Room

Family Room

Morning Room


Basement - under the Morning Room

Upstairs Loft area

Baby Girl's room
Baby Girl in her closet

Master Bed
The Water Closet

Master Tub

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's a Whole House

Tomorrow will mark the 30th day since I've broken ground, and it's a whole house!

Today's visit was certainly a good one. The crew was still working hard, and my oh-so-nice neighbor was outside tending to the yard. Always good to chat with the neighbors - they have good tips about home care, as well as the neighborhood. I'm as happy with my neighborhood selection as I am the actual home. Grateful!!

Ohhh, and I spied windows and doors in the garage. YaY!

Hard working man!!!

I spy Windows and Doors!!!

Side View

I LOVE all this sun and my beautiful windows :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Movin Up

Second floor is coming along. The weather these days has been so 'on again, off again'. It pours buckets of rain, and then we have magnificent sunshine. I started to not even swing past the house today, since the day started out so very rainy. But on the off chance some work got done once the sun made an appearance, I figured I'd check it out. And yes.....there was progress.

I took these pics from the car, and with my cell, so certainly not the greatest.

In other, more 'non-exciting' news, I'm starting my NVR approval process. As a recap - I did a short sale, and my initial loan approval was through an outside lender. Now I'm going through the NVR underwriting process. Let's all stop and have a moment of prayer for that one! I am glad to get started now....maybe I have a shot to actually close in August. :)

Happy Building and Blogging, my friends.