Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm Alive.....Barely

Hey e-Fam! I pray all is well with building and blogging. I must admit, I'm a little behind on all the updates. But I'm off work for the rest of this week and the next, and assuming I don't sleep for like a week straight, I plan to catch up!!

As I lovingly told my mom, my next move will involve seeing my Maker, face to face. NO MORE moving on earth. Lol. It's just not fun. Here are some pics. I'll try not to make too many excuses for my old stuff, and everything not quite being the way I want. I've got time, right?  Enjoy!! Oh, and I LOVE my house!!  It's awesome!
Morning Room

Family Room

Dining Room



Front Door

Upstairs Hall

Daughter's Bathroom


See the water on the floor? These come with a story I'm too beat to tell. But all is well now!! Yay!

Daughter's room

Daughters 'other' room

One child should not own this much stuff!!

The place I'll be shortly! Yes!

Master Bath - I refuse to show the double sinks - they're covered with junk!!

Bed not quite made, and excuse the clothes on the floor! 

Needs curtains!! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013


...and all the fun has begun! I'm over the moon excited and happy. I'll be back with pics!  

Happy Blogging and Building  :-)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Final Walk Through

Finally! Today was final walk through day, and it went very, very well. My PM is actually on vacation, but we had a nice chat before he left. I met a different PM who went over the house with me. He was great! And I learned a lot. There were small issues here and there, but overall I think the house looked fantastic. I think my biggest complaint is with regards to the sod, which is already looking bad. I realize summer is not the best time to cultivate new grass, but no one wants a nice new house with a crappy yard. The PM says we can evaluate it at the 30 day and if a lot of spots are dead, they will replace it. Let's hope.

In other pretty exciting news, my process with NVR is running smoothly. I've spoken with my settlement coordinator, already have my HUD1 and am cleared to close. So now....we just wait until Wednesday. Whoooooo Hooooooo!

I grabbed a few pics at the end of the walk through. Check them out!

Still my favorite room in the whole house!!

Loving my kitchen! Still have a missing cabinet. 

Dining Room

Family Room - anyone waffling on getting the blower for the fireplace - you don't need it. In a matter of minutes, the family room was VERY warm and I don't have the blower. 

My office

Master Bath
Master Bed
Hall Bath
Basement - finished side

Unfinished side of the basement - battery back up for the sump pump! And washer/dryer hookups

I like this! Behind here I have the breaker box. Nice way to make it not look ugly and utilitarian

Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's Official....

I'm locked out. Not that I'm complaining one bit....I've been able to access the home easily and on my own for a really long time. I could see through the windows that the appliances are in. Can't wait to see them up close, and with everything all clean. Won't be long now - walk through is this coming Friday, the 9th. SO excited!

My process with NVR is still going *mostly* smooth. I work full time in addition to owning my own business. Well this past Friday, somehow, my LP calls me and says "You're self-employed?". Ummmm. Just for giggles, if I was, is this a surprise to you? You've only been processing this loan since FEBRUARY! Sigh. So I needed to provide some documentation with regards to my company. This company that's been in existence since 2010, I clearly told them about, but is now somehow a surprise. I'm hoping it's just a small thing. Note to those packing....keep all your 'important' documents easily accessible. Fortunately, I knew exactly where all the necessary documents were hiding.

Also, I did get my appraisal on Friday. I wasn't super worried, but had run across a couple of blogs where the appraisal was an issue. The house appraised for like 99 cents more than the contract price. What the hay. I'll take it.

So now it's just a countdown to the final walk through and closing. No more inside pics until the final walk through - or maybe closing. Either way, I don't plan on disappearing at all! The sod is down and everything looks good on the outside. Just need to add some color to the front. And pray that I can keep this lawn looking good. :)