Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's Official....

I'm locked out. Not that I'm complaining one bit....I've been able to access the home easily and on my own for a really long time. I could see through the windows that the appliances are in. Can't wait to see them up close, and with everything all clean. Won't be long now - walk through is this coming Friday, the 9th. SO excited!

My process with NVR is still going *mostly* smooth. I work full time in addition to owning my own business. Well this past Friday, somehow, my LP calls me and says "You're self-employed?". Ummmm. Just for giggles, if I was, is this a surprise to you? You've only been processing this loan since FEBRUARY! Sigh. So I needed to provide some documentation with regards to my company. This company that's been in existence since 2010, I clearly told them about, but is now somehow a surprise. I'm hoping it's just a small thing. Note to those packing....keep all your 'important' documents easily accessible. Fortunately, I knew exactly where all the necessary documents were hiding.

Also, I did get my appraisal on Friday. I wasn't super worried, but had run across a couple of blogs where the appraisal was an issue. The house appraised for like 99 cents more than the contract price. What the hay. I'll take it.

So now it's just a countdown to the final walk through and closing. No more inside pics until the final walk through - or maybe closing. Either way, I don't plan on disappearing at all! The sod is down and everything looks good on the outside. Just need to add some color to the front. And pray that I can keep this lawn looking good. :)


  1. Looks fantastic! Bet it'll be hard to sleep now!
    I had to (nervously) chuckle when I read about the warning to keep your financial docs out when you are packing. I've been doing just that today! Congrats!

  2. We got locked out this week to but they did tell us where to get the key so we can come and go as we please but hey one more week and its home sweet home!!!YAY..Your build went by so quickly!!

  3. It's looking great!! One more week to go!
    YAY!!! :-)

  4. Beautiful! Love the look of your house. Congrats

  5. Looks great. As for the documents I scanned everything and put it on google drive/Dropbox/home nas so I could email it from anywhere. It was helpful when they wanted bank statements 45 mins before closing...

    1. Oh boy! Not 45 minutes. Sigh. Back to praying. Lol.

  6. Thanks everyone!!! I appreciate your comments and for following my journey. Of course, it's not over. I plan to stick around forever. ;)

  7. Congrats Stacey. Enjoy your new home.

  8. Congrats girl!!! I know that must be an amazing feeling.

  9. You know Im jealous of the SOD, it amazing, your LOT is amazing, gesh up Northern people get NO land!! When land is alllll around us!!
    Cant wait to share decor ideas, let me know how your decorate that "planter" thingy in the hallway.

  10. This looks amazing! Home construction is a real challenge, but seeing the result truly pays off the long wait and hard work you gave. There's only 17 days left in your 30-day countdown. I wish you good luck!

    Mike @