Friday, August 9, 2013

Final Walk Through

Finally! Today was final walk through day, and it went very, very well. My PM is actually on vacation, but we had a nice chat before he left. I met a different PM who went over the house with me. He was great! And I learned a lot. There were small issues here and there, but overall I think the house looked fantastic. I think my biggest complaint is with regards to the sod, which is already looking bad. I realize summer is not the best time to cultivate new grass, but no one wants a nice new house with a crappy yard. The PM says we can evaluate it at the 30 day and if a lot of spots are dead, they will replace it. Let's hope.

In other pretty exciting news, my process with NVR is running smoothly. I've spoken with my settlement coordinator, already have my HUD1 and am cleared to close. So now....we just wait until Wednesday. Whoooooo Hooooooo!

I grabbed a few pics at the end of the walk through. Check them out!

Still my favorite room in the whole house!!

Loving my kitchen! Still have a missing cabinet. 

Dining Room

Family Room - anyone waffling on getting the blower for the fireplace - you don't need it. In a matter of minutes, the family room was VERY warm and I don't have the blower. 

My office

Master Bath
Master Bed
Hall Bath
Basement - finished side

Unfinished side of the basement - battery back up for the sump pump! And washer/dryer hookups

I like this! Behind here I have the breaker box. Nice way to make it not look ugly and utilitarian


  1. It's absolutely breathtaking congrats on everything and you better not disappear girl I have 3 to 4 weeks left so you officially left me in the dust! Lol!

  2. Very very nice! Love the floors in the morning room and love your kitchen too!

  3. Thanks everyone!! @Nadine - I'm not gonna disappear :-) And the Chateau takes fine wine. lol

  4. I love your house!!! I can see why the morning room is your favorite. I love all the windows!!!

  5. That is an absolutely beautiful sunroom. The whole house is lovely, but that pic of the sunroom takes the cake.

  6. What a beautiful home! Wow, you make some great selections and it all came together beautifully. Congratulations hun! You deserve every joy to come on Wednesday!

  7. Its Beautiful! Love the kitchen and morning room and everything else of course!