Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm Alive.....Barely

Hey e-Fam! I pray all is well with building and blogging. I must admit, I'm a little behind on all the updates. But I'm off work for the rest of this week and the next, and assuming I don't sleep for like a week straight, I plan to catch up!!

As I lovingly told my mom, my next move will involve seeing my Maker, face to face. NO MORE moving on earth. Lol. It's just not fun. Here are some pics. I'll try not to make too many excuses for my old stuff, and everything not quite being the way I want. I've got time, right?  Enjoy!! Oh, and I LOVE my house!!  It's awesome!
Morning Room

Family Room

Dining Room



Front Door

Upstairs Hall

Daughter's Bathroom


See the water on the floor? These come with a story I'm too beat to tell. But all is well now!! Yay!

Daughter's room

Daughters 'other' room

One child should not own this much stuff!!

The place I'll be shortly! Yes!

Master Bath - I refuse to show the double sinks - they're covered with junk!!

Bed not quite made, and excuse the clothes on the floor! 

Needs curtains!! 


  1. I am so impressed with how moved in you are. I can only hope to not look like a hoarder while I unpack. I am also with you on having to move, if I do it again I am hiring people to pack, move and unpack me while I am on a cruise. Enjoy your home.

  2. Congrats! You are settled in already so nicely. Like ur daughter's room! Your entire house looks really nice too!

  3. Beautiful home everything looks so warm and cozy already!

  4. Beautiful home and its great that you are enjoying it so much. I LOVE your daughter's rooms(s) :D and the master bath is awesome!Your basement setup is pretty cool'll see so many good times there! :-) And yes you have time...Enjoy!!!

  5. Congratulations Stacey!! You are in your HOME! It was a pleasure watching your journey!!

  6. Thanks for the pics, and again I say I cant believe how diff our rooms are....i like what you did in the dining room. I now have TWO dining room (morning room) and want to put living room furniture in our dining room, but I havent sold hubby on it yet!! Why do I need two dining rooms? Unless you plan on putting dining room furniture in there, I dont think I will EVER use mine!!

    Love the rug in morning room!

  7. Stacey, I just love your home. I am so happy for you!!!! Enjoy your beautiful home girl. Cheers

  8. Congratulations Stacey!!! Looks great!

  9. Congratulations Stacey!!! Looks great!